The impact of workplace design on business operations.

O2i Design Consultants specialise in designing commercial environments which achieve tangible business benefits. Increasingly companies are realising that business operations, processes and systems can be more effective in the right physical environments.  Your business does not need to be shoe horned into an environment that is not suited to you.

Technology and working patterns are changing our workplace. Remote, flexible working and hot desking, improved conditions all mean that yesterday’s workplace could be hindering your operations.  Well-designed buildings can increase overall productivity and performance.  Our aim is to produce highly flexible and responsive buildings that provide commercial benefits.

We design physical working environments that positively support the operational goals of our clients businesses.  
Our clients make effective use of our approach when there is:

Change in the culture of the organisation through mergers, de-mergers or restructuring.

We will map out new operational relationships and provide architectural solutions that will allow them to flourish.
Relocation or modification of underused building stock.  When the facilities and premises are no longer suitable for today’s operations we can provide tailored solutions that make sure the building is organised in the most effective way.
Upgrading of facilities, for example to comply with Health and Safety regulations.“Designing in” good practice procedures such as GLP improves Health & Safety and every day talks can be more efficient with numerous spin off benefits.
Rationalisation of operations such as consolidating from several locations to one site. We will calculate the amount and type of space needed for a reorganised business and design the facility for it.