Kitchen Extension

Langport, Somerset

O2i Design Consultants were commissioned to design a kitchen extension for this Grade II listed Georgian house and to improve the flow of the existing house. 

A contemporary approach to the design was taken as it was felt that a modern extension would maintain the integrity and legibility of the original listed house. Several design and layout options were explored before reaching the final design, chosen for its minimal impact on the fabric of the existing building whilst being able to reinstate some previous historic features.

The roughly built timber framed lean-to was replaced with a new extension allowing the owners to have a spacious new kitchen, alongside their current dining and living room. New internal openings link the kitchen to the other rooms and have improved internal circulation.

The new construction was finished externally in first grade oak interlocking panels, machined to give a precision to the envelope of the construction. The form of the enclosure is clearly modern while having minimal impact on the fabric of the listed building.  To maximise light, slim window frames were specified in dark grey aluminium, set back in the wall so that the emphasis is on the whole opening while a frameless roof lantern brings light into the rear of the space.

This project was shortlisted in the South West Regional LABC Building Excellence Awards 2013.